About Us

From humble beginnings some 13 years ago, Animal Aid Festival now stands is in its ninth year (with enforced breaks for COVID) and has grown to become a vibrant, music and fun filled event dedicated entirely to raising funds for animal rescue centres and animal related causes.

Roxie Belle

Originally the brainchild of Roxie Belle, the Animal Aid organising team includes volunteers young and old from all walks of life, all passionate about the well-being of our animals and all dedicated to making the festival a continuing success.

Animal Aid is run totally on a voluntary basis – all the organisers, staff and participants work for free, the bands appear for free, and everything from the printing to the PA is donated by sponsors – even this website is provided at no charge. In this way the absolute maximum of monies raised goes directly to where it is needed – to the centres housing animals in critical situations.

Here are just a few of the rescues we have supported through our Festival over the years:

  • Wanderers Haven - Brentwood, Essex
  • Pussycat Lodge - Brentwood, Essex
  • Remus Horse Sanctuary - Brentwood, Essex
  • Wallace Kennels Rescue - Brentwood, Essex
  • Hopefield Animal Sanctuary - Brentwood, Essex
  • West Essex German Shepherd Rescue
  • The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice - Scotland
  • Pounds for Poundies (saving dogs about to be killed in pounds as seven days to be claimed expired)
  • The Karass Sanctuary for Farm Animals
  • Hillside Animal Sanctuary - Norwich
  • The Sache Foundation - neutering of stray dogs and cats in Romania
  • Savas Safe Haven - saving and neutering stray animals in Romania
  • Marina Malek Cat Rescue - saving stray cats in Egypt
  • Simona Cirnu Rescue - saving, neutering and rehoming stray animals in Romania
  • ...plus many more over the years our festival has been in operation

We are also very proud that Animal Aid Festival has raised awareness of the plight of stray and neglected animals and the shelters that save these animals and because of our Festival, many people have now adopted rescue animals and given them warm loving homes.

Please adopt - don't shop.

"If all our hard work only saves one animal from a life of misery, it is all worth it. We may not be able to change the world for all animals, but for that one animal, the world is changed forever."

All rescues can be found on Facebook. If you would like to donate to any of the shelters, please make the donation to our PayPal account - animalaid3@hotmail.com and we will list your name on our website.

Our Team

Animal Aid Festival would simply not function without the support of a number of dedicated individuals - so thanks to:

  • Nikki R & Yas - Site Management
  • Barry, John & Nick - Construction Team
  • Richard - Music Producer/Sound Engineer
  • Paul - Website/Graphic Designer
  • Wendy & Penny - Dog Competitions/Raffles Control
  • Alex, Nikki & Bonny - Facilities Management
  • Hills - DJ/Host
  • Roxie Belle - Producer/Co-ordinator